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Beta Titanium Archwires

Beta Titanium Archwires


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Arch shape

Beta-Titanium is an orthodontic wire with properties that lie between the pliability of stainless steel and the flexibility of NiTi wires. Its stiffness is approximately 42% of that of stainless steel wires. It is easily preformed and is suitable for the working and final phases of treatment, as it provides the perfect platform for the placement of stops or auxiliary loops.


  1. Safe for nickel allergy sufferers
  2. Moderate rebound and flexibility
  3. Moderate stiffness
  4. Excellent formability
  5. Better bending properties than stainless steel
  6. Smooth power transmission for larger bows
  7. Earlier filling of bracket slots and correction of torque
  • Ovoid Arch or Nature Arch
  • Upper and lower jaw
  • Round and square:
    .016, .018, .020
    .016x.016, .016x.022, .017x.022, .017x.025,
    .018x.018, .018x.025, .019x.025, .021x.025
  • 10 wires/pack
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