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BISICO® S1 Silicone impression material

BISICO® S1 Silicone impression material


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S1 suhy putty

kneadable / putty

Kneadable silicone impression material for filling the tray using the double mixing technique or the double impression technique.

Due to its smooth initial consistency and final hardness of 67 shore A, Bisico® S1 suhy can be used universally. The extremely strong hydrophilicity develops a pronounced affinity for all wetted areas and guarantees the highest possible surface quality of the impression.

Recommended correction silicones: Bisico® S4 suhy or Bisico® S2 suhy

Technical data: 

  • Consistency: kneadable/soft putty
  • Color (A/B): white/turquoise
  • Linear shrinkage: <0.1%
  • Mixing time: 30 seconds
  • Processing time (incl.
    Mixing time): approx. 2:00 min.
  • Curing time in the mouth: < 3 min.
  • Final hardness: approx. 64 shore A
  • Standard: ISO 4823, Type 0,
    very high consistency

Attention: no delivery to France!

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