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BISICO® S4 Silicone Impression Material Light

BISICO® S4 Silicone Impression Material Light


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S4 suhy light-bodied

fine flowing / light

Addition-curing, extremely fine-flowing corrective impression material with superhydrophilic properties for all impression techniques.

In the moist environment of a dental impression, the material develops a pronounced affinity for the wetted surfaces of the mucous membrane and teeth due to its unsurpassed flow and impression properties. While avoiding air pockets, it flows to all critical points and reproduces even the finest contours. Residual liquids are flushed out due to the compression pressure and the superhydrophilic properties. The thixotropic setting prevents the already applied material from accidentally flowing away from the preparation.

Technical data:

  • Consistency: fine flowing/light
  • Color: purple
  • Linear shrinkage: <0.1%
  • Mixing time: not applicable
  • Processing time: 2 min.
  • Curing time in the mouth: < 3 min.
  • Final hardness: approx. 50 shore A
  • Standard: ISO 4823, Type 3, low consistency
  • 3 x 50 ml in cartridges (incl. 18 mixing tips yellow and 10 IOT yellow)

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