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Cu-Alloy NiTi Archwires

Cu-Alloy NiTi Archwires


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Cu alloy wires are made of nickel, titanium and copper. The addition of copper to the alloy improves the thermal reactive properties of the wire. Cu alloy wires with their unique thermal reactive properties and mechanics offer a wide range of possibilities for various applications.

Cu alloy is specifically calibrated for use with the ProMIM system and its smooth surface to reduce sliding friction. The activation temperature of Cu alloy wires is close to mouth temperature and is soft at room temperature to facilitate insertion. It falls into a very efficient force range when used with the large round or rectangular sizes.


  1. The load forces of copper alloy wires are lower than those of their nickel-titanium counterparts
  2. Due to the lower hysteresis of Cu alloy wires, the relief properties (springback) enable fast, efficient tooth movement
  3. A unique springback property ensures continuous forces
  4. More resistant to permanent deformation than other nickel-titanium wires
  5. Smooth surface to reduce friction between wires and brackets
  • Ovoid, Nature or D-Form
  • Universal, upper and lower jaw
  • Round and square:
    .013, .014, .016, .018
    .014x.025, .016x.025, .018x.025
  • 10 wires / pack
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