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Etch-Rite™ - Etching Gel

Etch-Rite™ - Etching Gel


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Etch Rite™ – Etching Gel with 38% phosphoric acid is a soft, thixotropic gel that is preferred by specialists because of its properties. It is placed using thin hollow needles, has a high stability, is easy to wash off, provides the optimal etching pattern on dentin and enamel surfaces and thus guarantees the mechanical retention of adhesives, composites and resin-bonded cements. The blue gel is easily visible.

• Easily washable without leaving any residue.
• High stability. Does not run on unprotected fabric.
• Precise application with thin hollow needles.
• Packaged in syringes for easy use.
• Etching process 15 seconds.

Contents of the Jumbo Kit:
2 x 25 ml syringes, 5 x 3 ml empty syringes and 50 tips.

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