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Flow Tain™ / Flow Tain™ LV

Flow Tain™ / Flow Tain™ LV


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Ideal for lingual retainers, easy application with the needle tip. Light-curing flowable microfilling composite. FlowTain™ and FlowTain™ LV are flowable, light-curing composites. These materials are very smooth after curing, which reduces wear and increases patient comfort.

Flow Tain™ and Flow Tain™ LV have a low modulus of elasticity after curing and are not as brittle as conventional composites.

Flowable Viscosity - Although Flow Tain™ and Flow Tain™ LV are flowable materials, their thixotropic properties prevent them from slumping, allowing for better control.

Contents: 1.5 g syringe + 10 tips

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