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NiTi Thermal Active Archwires

NiTi Thermal Active Archwires


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Arch shape

The thermally active NiTi arch is absolutely soft below 5°C. The optimal force is achieved at 32°C. This unique property allows for simplified insertion of the brackets in any malocclusion and the possible use of large-section wires at the beginning of treatment in order to achieve initial leveling and alignment quickly and without trauma.
The wire is characterized by the following properties:
Uniform, gentle release of forces at a low, consistent force level and high dimensional stability with high resistance to deformation

Due to the extreme flexibility and reduced force characteristics of Thermal NiTi, it is possible to insert larger diameter wires than would otherwise be possible, requiring fewer wire changes and earlier implementation of bracket prescription information.

  • Ovoid, Nature or D-Form
  • Upper and lower jaw
  • Round and rectangular:
    .012, .014, .016, .018, .020
    .016x.016, .016x.022, .017x.022, .017x.025,
    .018x.022, .018x.025, .019x.025, .021x.025
  • 10 wires/pack
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