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NiTi Super Elastic Archwires

NiTi Super Elastic Archwires


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The nickel-titanium alloy enables specific properties that make this wire the ideal treatment material. The super-elastic NiTi arches have higher elasticity and lower stiffness, with very gentle, continuous force during treatment. The excellent shape retention combined with resistance and predictable forces ensure quick results without the need for many adjustments or modifications. The duration of the therapy is therefore significantly shortened.
The efficiency of the performance ensures that the objectives are achieved without the need for multiple arrangements of arches, as is the case with stainless steel alternatives.

  • Ovoid, Nature or D-Form
  • Upper and lower jaw
  • Round and square:
    .012, .014, .016, .018, .020
    .016x.016, .016x.022, .017x.022, .017x.025,
    .018x.022, .018x.025, .019x.025, .021x.025
  • 10 wires / pack
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