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ProMIM SL bracket

ProMIM SL bracket


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  • Torque in the base. Supports different torque and angulation values
  • Bidirectional arch base for optimal proximity to the tooth surface
  • The use of copper-alloyed NiTi archwires ensures improved tooth position using the principle of biomechanical occlusion
  • Due to the low friction and low force, the passively self-ligating bracket does not exert any pressure on the arch
  • Bidirectional base with 80 mesh structure for a strong bond
  • Deep undercuts for easy ligation
  • Vertically notched centerline facilitates accurate placement
  • Smooth, non-deformable slot
  • Solid, durable and convenient to open clip
  • Color coding for quick identification
  • Smooth surface for a high level of comfort

Roth or MBT
.018 or .022
Set 5-5, hook on 3 or hook on 3,4,5

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