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Mold Composite Auxiliaries Directly on Teeth

ReliaMolds are translucent and flexible to facilitate composite loading, curing, and disengagement. A mold is filled with a light cure composite (GoTo®, TKO™ or Flowtain™ recommended) then delivered to the tooth and cured. The desired auxiliary is delivered, formed, and functional immediately. Value priced to be single-use disposable.

Different molds for different applications:

  • Habit Control – Controls tendencies like thumb sucking and tongue thrust. Molded extensions contact the tongue or thumb as a gentle intraoral reminder. Clinically as effective as metal rake or crib designs.
  • Cuspid Ramp – Forms a rounded, aesthetic extrusion. Diverts direct opposing enamel contact to open the bite and/or functionally influence crossbite.
  • Button – Molds a low profile and smooth attachment. Classic and effective multipurpose design. Facilitates elastomeric or ligature engagement.
  • Molar Tube – Casts a low profile round resin 020” tube. Effective for many applications including guiding erupting molars or aiding in leveling.
  • Molar Pad – Creates a precise rounded buildup attached to occlusal of molar cusps. Opposing arch contact intrudes the posterior. TKO™ composite or Ultra Band-Lok™ cement recommended.
  • Bite Ramp – Forms a ramped extrusion normally applied to upper central lingual surfaces. Sometimes called turbos.  Lower anteriors contact the ramps and create intrusive forces. Posteriors cannot fully occlude and extrusion occurs, thus bite opening results. Two sizes available, 3mm or 5mm.
  • Wire Bonder – Bonds wire consistently with a smooth, low profile finish. A precise spherical resin mound is formed over a wire. Common application is with fixed bonded retainers but also effective for minor rotation and leveling. Two sizes available: 3mm or 4.5mm

  • 25 Molds per Package, Molds are delivered with a handle (BHA)
  • Starter set: 12 molds per type, 2 handles
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