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SilverMotion® Distalizer

SilverMotion® Distalizer


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One size fits all! The SilverMotion® Distalizer was developed to simplify the treatment of Class II cases in the initial phase of treatment. The patented* design enables Class II treatment using intraoral forces. The molars are rotated distally into their desired position. Treatment can then continue with brackets or aligners (Movendi®). *(Patent Pending)

The advantages of the SilverMotion Distalizer:

  • One size fits all. The SilverMotion Distalizer can be cut to the exact length, which significantly reduces your inventory
  • Flat design for greater patient comfort
  • Bilateral or unilateral case treatment
  • Easy to handle and easy to place
  • Reduction of total treatment time
  • Patented for the treatment of both Class II and Class III

Available with clear or metal button

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