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SL Lingual Brackets

SL Lingual Brackets


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DTC SL Lingual Brackets

Available 6-6 or 7-7, Slot .018


  1. The design features smooth contours for maximum patient comfort.
  2. The self-ligation is passive and has very low friction, especially with the very important functional 016 x 022 wires. However, the torque is lower and therefore the torque delivery is more efficient.
  3. The slot/base angle is different to achieve a closer adaptation of the bracket to the lingual gingival third of the morphology, making the traditional composite pads thinner. This should also increase patient tolerance.
  4. The slot size is smaller so that smaller wires are used, which reduces the forces transmitted to the teeth and makes the wires easier to insert.
  5. The SL flap is located inside the bracket body and forms a 4th wall that seals the wires inside against any possible forces that could displace an elastic O-ring ligature or open an SL clip. So no problem for rotational forces and retraction forces! But still with low friction, unlike the normal elastic ligatures that cause high friction and poor wire adhesion in cases of overcrowding.
  6. The flaps are smaller than the bracket body so that the wires can be inserted earlier and the distance between the brackets is larger.
  7. Strong design with a housing made of N-17 stainless steel, manufactured using the MIM (Metal Injection Molding) process.
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