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Ultra FS photo mirror

Ultra FS photo mirror


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Ultra FS photo mirror with handle – High Tech for High Quality.
The new unique construction of the reflective layers (coated with pure rhodium) provides an unsurpassed sharp mirror image with detailed clarity. Together with the brilliant, natural colors and the pleasantly bright reflection, you get intraoral images that are extremely informative.
Lightweight aluminum handle for easy and safe handling. Absolutely resistant to all types of disinfection and sterilization (180°C) up to acidic refresh cleaners.

  • Picture 1: Occlusal Small – 76 x 58 mm
  • Picture 2: Occlusal Medium – 95 x 66 mm
  • Picture 3: Occlusal Large – 106 x 74 mm
  • Picture 4: Lateral Small – 120 x 36 mm
  • Picture 5: Lateral Large – 128 x 42 mm
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