About us

Specialist for Lingual Technique and Orthodontics

Pelz & Companion GmbH was founded January 1st, 2008 by Hubert Stiefenhofer, owner of Ortho Organizers® GmbH, and Wolfgang Pelz, formerly consultant with Ormco Corporation. Already at the turn of the century, Pelz had organized the courses on Lingual Technique taught by Prof. Dr. Dirk Wiechmann. During Pelz 25 year career in the orthodontic field, he helped to develop new products with the advice of Prof. Dr. Wiechmann – considered a leading orthodontist and luminary in the field of Lingual Technique Orthodontics.

Mr. Pelz entered retirement in April 2019. Since then Mr Stiefenhofer is the exclusive managing director of Pelz & Companion GmbH.