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Cu-Alloy NiTi

Cu-Alloy NiTi

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Cu-Alloy wires consists of nickel, titanium and copper. The addition of copper to the alloy enhances the thermal-reactive properties of the wire. The Cu-Alloy wires with the unique thermal-reactive property and mechanics provide a wide range of choice for different cases.

Cu-Alloy is specifically calibrated for use with the ProMIM system and its smooth surface to reduce the sliding friction. Cu-Alloy wires activated temperature is close to mouth temperature and is soft in room temperature to facilitate engagement. It falls within a very efficient force range when used with the large round or rectangle sizes.


  1. Cu-Alloy wires loading forces are smaller then the nickel titanium counterparts
  2. Due to the lower hysteresis of Cu-Alloy wires unloading (springback) properties facilitate fast, efficient tooth movement
  3. A unique springback characteristic provides continuous forces
  4. More resistant to permanent deformation than other nickel-titanium wires
  5. Smooth surface to lower down the friction between wires and brackets
  • Ovoid, Nature or D-Form
  • Upper and Lower
  • Round and Rectangular:
    .013, .014, .016, .018
    .014 x .025, .016 x .025, .018 x .025
  • 10 Pieces / Pack
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