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NiTi Thermal Active

NiTi Thermal Active

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The Thermal Active NiTi is dead soft when chilled below 5°C and the thermalproperties achieve optimum activation at 32°C. This unique characteristic allows for simplified bracket engagement in any malocclusion and the potential use oflarge cross-sectional wires from initiation of treatment to achieve initial leveling and alignment rapidly and without trauma.

Many orthodontics include this martenitic phase by chilling the wire below its transition temperature prior to placement to simplify engagement, particularly in moderate to severe malocclusion scenarios. Following engagement, as the termal wire elevates in temperature within the oral cavity, the transition from martensitic to austenitic phases causes the force level to increase and the shape memoryphenomenon to occur. Due to the extreme pliability and reduced force characteristics of Thermal NiTi, it is possible to engage wires of larger diameter than would otherwise be practical, thereby necessitating fewer wire changes and earlier translation of bracket prescription information.

  • Ovoid, Nature or D-Form
  • Upper and Lower
  • Round and Rectangular:
    .012, .014, .016, .018, .020
    .016 x .016, .016 x .022, .017 x .022, .017 x .025,
    .018 x .022, .018 x .025, .019 x .025, .021 x .025
  • 10 Pieces/Pack
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