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NiTi Super Elastic

NiTi Super Elastic

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The formulation of Nickel Titanium alloys and their subsequent programming allows for various beneficial properties to be engineered into the final product. By fine-tuning the molecular balance of ingredients and the time/temperature processing of the alloys, specific characteristics are realized. The superelastic NiTi is formulated to provide consistent, predictable forces during treatment. Superelastic NiTi is provided in its austenitic, or activated phase at all times. The superb rebound and memory characteristics ensure desired results without the need for adjustment or modification. Superelastic NiTi allows for a high degree of deflection without causing deformation of the original arch form characteristics. Efficiency of performance ensures achievment of objectives without need for multiple staging of archwires as with stainless steel alternatives.

  • Ovoid, Nature or D-Form 
  • Upper and Lower
  • Round and Rectangular:
    .012, .014, .016, .018, .020
    .016 x .016, .016 x .022, .017 x .022, .017 x .025,
    .018 x .022, .018 x .025, .019 x .025, .021 x .025
  • 10 Pieces / Pack
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