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ProMIM Self-Ligating Bracket

ProMIM Self-Ligating Bracket

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ProMIM Self Ligating Bracket

17-4PH stainless steel raw material made by BASF in Germany. Finest powder particle to ensure a smooth surface and low friction. In-house MIM equipments are made in Germany.


  1. Torque in Base Design
  2. Sufficient technology system, offer various torques and angulations support
  3. Bidirectional arch base ist much closer to teeth surface
  4. Used with Cu-Alloy NiTi archwire, through occlusion-biomechanics method to improve teeth position and facial contour
  5. Maintain low friction and light force mechanism, doesn´t offer any force on wire

Design and Philosophie:

  1. Bidirectional arch base with 80 gauge meshes, ensure reliable bonding strength
  2. Extended tie-wings, easy for various ligation ways
  3. Center scribe line makes accurate position
  4. Smooth slot, non-deformable
  5. Hooks on 3,4,5
  6. Slot blocker design, allows convenient opening
  7. Color identification system makes quick recognition of brackets
  8. Made by metal injection molding with 17-4PH stainless steel, ensure its remarkable strength and durability

•  Roth or MBT
•  .018 or .022
•  Set 5-5, Hook on 3 or Hook on 3,4,5

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